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Big Fat Lottos: What is the EuroMillions Lottery?

 Many people who are new to playing the lottery I'm not quite sure what the differences between the different kinds of lotteries. So today we are going to talk about EuroMillions, which is one of the most popular games at BigFatLottos.

EuroMillions was first started in 2004 in Paris, France; Spain, Austria, UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland, and Belgium were the original participants. Twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday, there is a drawing. The cost of tickets is about 2GBP for each line a player wants to play. As long as a person is 16 years or older, and lives in one of the countries that participates, you are eligible to win.

Why is EuroMillions so popular on

One of the fantastic things about this lotto, and something that Big Fat Lottos fans enjoy, is that all jackpots paid in one lump sum and are tax exempt!

Every player has an excellent chance at winning something. In fact it is calculated that the odds of winning a prize is about 1:13, if for some reason nobody wins the jackpot, is carried over into the next week so that the prize becomes even larger.

Big Fat Lotto reviews all aspects of the game, and insurers that proper safeguards are in place so that there is complete transparency and accuracy both in placing a bet and collecting the winnings.

The largest win of EuroMillions, in terms of prize money, was by two anonymous tickets worth a total of £159,559,034; in terms of a single ticket jackpot, the largest win was by a husband and wife team from Suffolk, Mr. and Mrs. Bayford, who, on Aug 10, 2012, won £148,656,000! Source
Big Fat Lottos asks people to gamble responsibly, yet also welcomes any eligible participant to give a shot at EuroMillions a go on our website, and to read more about our reviews here.

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Secret way to increase your chances of winning Big Fat Lottos

Every week for 4 weeks (twice a week total 8 draws), record all the numbers drawn, then create a chart and write down the results on the chart to see the number of times each number is drawn. As you will realize after this period, a pattern will begin to emerge of the most frequent numbers drawn. (If you wish you can simply study your last 4 weeks numbers drawn, by checking your state's lottery web site)

After 7-10 draws, pick the numbers drawn at least 3 times on your chart during this period. For example, say that 21, 3, and 11 each were drawn several times...Next, imagine that 13 was drawn four times or more--that makes it even better. So we get four numbers here. And we need three more numbers to build 7 popular numbers.

Now we can finally go back to our chart again and this time we select numbers that were drawn at least
twice. In your chart you might have 15 of them, but from these numbers we choose only three of them--doesn't really matter which ones because it won't affect your long term profitability of this system statistically.

Here we select 2, 3, 42

Now we have seven hot numbers.

Next we need seven cold numbers, which are the ones least drawn over the past four weeks. If the lottery is random as they claim it is, these cold numbers have a far better than average chance of being drawn now.

Create another chart and write down the numbers 1 to 14. Next to each number, randomly write one of the 14 selected numbers. Use this chart to create 10 to 15 combinations of number sequences. This gives you at least 15 lottery plays from one combination of numbers. Depending on your finances, you can double the number of plays by creating additional plays from the same list.

After 4 weeks playing different combinations off this chart, create a new chart in the same way. Trust me, this is the only logical way to get you the big money you want. You will have to stick to it, and play as much as possible. Renew the chart every 4 weeks. You will get some serious 3s, 4s and even 5s, then finally BINGO. You have to be patient. Do not be discouraged if none of your selected numbers come up--stick to the strategy and soon you will be making plenty. Don't give up, because chances are good you might win, and you will regret it if you give up before you do.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The history of lotteries: by Big Fat Lottos

As many people know a lotto, like Big Fat Lottos, is a game of chance that requires a number of ingredients to work properly: lottery syndicates, official supervisory boards, legal oversight, a website or buyers portal, and the player themselves. What a lot of people do not know is there is a history of Lottos is quite fascinating, which we, at BigFatLottos want to share with you today. So without further ado, here are some quick facts:
  • The Chinese played a form of lottery sometime between 200 – 187 years before Christ; it is not entirely certain what the purpose was, but some experts believe such lotteries helped to support governments expenditures and building projects like the Great Wall.
  • big fat lottos
    Big Fat Lottos
    The Romans were the first Europeans to have a lottery, which was typically carried out a private parties where guests would receive a piece of paper, and the winner would receive prizes, which were usually given out by wealthy individuals from their own possession.
  • Throughout Europe, especially in the Netherlands, lotteries continue to be a source of revenue for the government to fund projects and the general upkeep of the nation. However there also philanthropic facets to the lottery, where the money was used partially as taxation which could then be in part distributed to the less fortunate.
  • In America, lotteries were used to raise support for military supplies, such as cannons, soldiers, and food for the colonial army.
  • In the UK and the Isle of Man, lotteries are regulated and overseeing by official agencies such as the national lottery commission, and can be played via websites like What most people do not know is that over 10% of revenue received in online and off-line lottos goes to the government, and only 5% or less goes to the retailer, which they use to support their operations and pay their staff.

About Big Fat Lottos

Big Fat Lottos has been reviewed to be one of the best, most transparent, and easy-to-use online lottos in the civilized world, and aims to continue that reputation for long time by contributing to this new age of lottery history on

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Do lottery systems work?

There is no shortage of opportunities to invest your cash on the Internet: You can  take your chances   by buying shares on FTSE or the NASDAQ, you could speculate about the price of gold or oil on the commodities market, you can attempt to find bargains on sites like eBay that you can resell for a profit, and you can play the lottery. 

The point is that anything in life that has a big reward, also carries some degree of risk.  However, smart people do everything they possibly can to reduce that amount of risk as much as possible in order to increase the chances of getting a large reward.

No matter what system you try to make some extra money, there are always people who have made thousands, even millions of pounds or dollars doing just what you are attempting to accomplish.

While  Big Fat Lottos cannot endorse any one method or system over another, as all have their inherent degrees of risk and reward, it does seem that if one wants to learn how to make money it makes perfect sense to listen to those  who've already been successfully doing it. There is fierce competition in this area and many of those selling systems are maligned as scams by their competitors-- it is very difficult to take anyone's word for how well a particular system works; the reality is you really have to try it for yourself in order to find out.

All that said, there is no use in reinventing the wheel.  When it comes to 'how to' systems on the market, there are plenty to choose from, such as this one from Ken Silver.  He has been around for years and his method is  designed for people who may not have large sums of money to invest. 

What he did is put together a detailed manual of more than 50 pages that describes and highlights every method and formula he has found to be most successful in winning the lottery. Yes this requires a little bit of study, but it provides an opportunity to apply a different approach to winning than just guessing. Unlike a lot of other programs out there, that are not really rich and for the average person, both because of high costs, and complicated techniques, this method makes it much easier for people to play things like Big Fat Lottos online.

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Big Fat Lottos: 3 reasons why you should play today!

3 reasons to play the lottery with Big Fat Lottos

Whilst the unmistakable reason to play the lottery would be to get potentially several millions of dollars for simply a little bit of cash ventured, the truth of the matter is that you can find any number of different reasons you may expect to play the lottery – three of which we are going to include below.

It is extremely important to understand that playing the lottery is a novel and personalized option for all and every one of us – however here are some of what we found to be the most common factors given.
  • The capability to completely repair a community
Although reaching more than a small financial windfall for hundreds and hundreds of huge amounts of money can transform your life personally, it can also tremendously impact the local community if you feel so inclined. The capability to re-invest the money that you’ve just gained into your home town or neighborhood can be one of the most rewarding elements of winning the lottery – especially if you establish different public spaces, public areas, and other activities for future generations.

  • The ability to set up financially all of your mates and spouse and children
Though you may feel just a little bit influenced to keep all of the money to yourself (and for your
immediate loved ones), the truth of the matter is that with just a bit of judicial financial investment advice you could easily set up all of your friends and family economically for the rest of your life – as well as the rest of theirs. There’s a lot to be said about taking care of your friends and family members, and is absolutely nothing quite as rewarding as dispersing around the wealth, so to speak.

  • The capability to disappear completely if you so desire
Even so, a lot of people will take the exact opposite tactic and tactic, instead opting to take the money and run – literally disappearing completely in the event that they so wish. Whilst they say that money cannot buy happiness, it’s true that it can buy almost anything else – including complete and total anonymity if you want to be that sort of life. You could possibly never ever again get the chance to lead a brand-new life anywhere on the face of the planet, and going “invisible” for some time can be rewarding personally. Although you may decide to enter society once again, your time spent away from it all will lower the amount of people who want to reach right into your newly deep pockets – providing you with the necessary space you desire.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of playing with Big Fat Lottos.

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Big Fat Lotto: How to spend lottery winnings

Big fat lottos: how to spend lottery winnings

There are some studies that show nearly 90% of those who hit major lottery jackpots – we’re talking
about hundreds of millions of dollars here – end up losing all of the money (yes, ALL of the money) in
five years or less. These same people almost always end up in worse financial situations than they were before they won the lottery, and almost incomprehensible fact that rocks people to their very core.

If you are lucky enough to pull out a golden ticket, the last thing that you’re going to want to do is frivolously spend each and every penny of it along the way. No, winning the lottery has a very real potential to completely change your life – and even the life of future generations of your family – so long as you spend your lottery winnings wisely.

Now, we’re certainly not going to tell you how to spend your own money – but here are a few helpful hints from BigFatLottos if you are in the mood for some advice.

Big Fat Lottos recommendation #1:   

Set a “mad money” budget – say a few hundred thousand dollars – and then blow it all on celebratory gifts!

Look, to say that you should sock away each and every one of your pennies at the moment that you hit
it big on a lottery would be the most foolish thing in the history of the world. Hitting a windfall profit like this is going to transform your life overnight, and you should – yes, SHOULD – go out and celebrate this tremendous gift.

That being said, you do not want to break the bank when celebrating, which is why you should set a very specific amount of money aside – but still a tremendous amount of money – and then blow it all on whatever it is you want. Having this chunk of discretionary money set aside already will help you to save or invest the rest, and you won’t feel bad about blowing it in the process.

Big Fat Lottos recommendation #2

Do not – DO NOT – save your money, but instead invest it

One of the biggest mistakes you could make with your lottery winnings would be to suck them away in a savings account somewhere. With the way that inflation rates are that money will be worth less and less each and every single year from here on out, just fading away and crippling your buying power in the process.

No, talk with a number of financial experts and find out how you can invest that money – and make it
create more wealth for you and you ever before imagined.

Well, that's it...short and sweet. For more info on Big Fat Lottos and payouts, see our website at

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Big Fat Lottos: play safe

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big fat lottos banner

Big Fat Lotto's Commitment To Customers

Big Fat Lottos is committed to ensuring that our customers have a positive, happy and pleasant experience when using our site. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders, and maintain a high sense of professionalism within the company itself. For over a decade, we have been a beacon of transparency in the lottos industry, a sector that is oftentimes misunderstood. Demanding a strong sense of integrity from our employees and others in our supply chain, we rest well every night knowing that we have done our level best to assure our end user is receiving the best possible experience. We maintain an open feedback loop with customers as well...ensuring that they have space to ask questions and learn more about our service. We have paid out untold millions at Big Fat Lottos, and we plan to continue this trend for man decades to come. We thank you for being our loyal customer, and trust that your experience with us has been pleasant, fair, and enriching.

Big Fat Lottos team

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Review: Big Fat Lottos

CUSTOMER REVIEWS of big fat lottos

  • Paula

    Thank you for this impressively fast and efficient response - much appreciated. --Paula

Reasons why Big Fat Lotteries is a great place to wager:


All winnings are paid in pounds sterling unless we advise otherwise. Where prizes are denoted by a lottery in another currency, we will convert your winnings into pounds sterling using the exchange rate provided by our bank on the date determined by us.
Many thanks. I have to say that your customer service skills have been excellent. My queries have been dealt with extremely quickly, and to a very high standard Amy
100% of any individual winnings due to you will be credited to the account you hold with us (the “Player Account”).


  • Never lose your ticket
  • Never forget to check or claim your winnings
  • Receive immediate e-mail notification via e-mail when you have won over £10.00


Annexio Limited will offers its members the chance to play in lottery syndicate entires worldwide to win substantial cash prizes through the website
The website will include syndicate entry games for the UK Lotto, EuroMillions, Irish Lotto, SuperEnalotto, the Spanish Superdraw and the Spanish Christmas lottery El Gordo.
Thank you, you have been excellent! Extremely fast replies and fast resolving! Olive
The Company is licensed by the Isle of Man Government’s Gambling Supervision Commission and as such is required to satisfy the jurisdiction’s licensing requirements and comply with the stringent online gaming standards and player protection rules.


Winnings are calculated and automatically credited to your account.


You can login at any time to your personal “Member’s Area”, change/update your syndicate entry selections, subscribe to more games, check the winning numbers and manage your winnings. Once your subscription payment has been processed you will receive on-screen confirmation in the form of a “Thank You” message, which will display your syndicate entry subscription entry along with confirmation of your “Next Subscription Charge Date”

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Big Fat Lotto -- Is it a scam? Short answer: No!

There are people who assume that everything is too good to be know them, pessimists. So when they see their neighbour winning millions of pounds on the lotto, naturally they assume something must be awry. The problem is, as with most things in life, unless you play, you will never taste the sweet success of what it feels like to win!

The Lotto industry is highly regulated and overseen by independent bodies who ensure that everything is above board. At Big Fat Lottos, we pay out every single pence exceptions. We're kinda proud of that, and so as a fully licensed organisation, we refuse to let pessimists and skeptics bring us down. We hope that you, too, will try us out...why not visit our site and read about our regulations, do some research there to find out just how Big Fat Lotto is a shining example among its peers for transparency, integrity and fairness...we welcome you to join us now and find out why we are #1 at making it fun and simple to play the lotteries via our online portal at

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Big Fat Lottos -- Euromillions!

With a record jackpot payout of £161 Million, EuroMillions is a massive, lump sum, tax-free, pan-European lottery that can roll over multiple times!

Played in:
the UK, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland.

There are also 2 Millionaires GUARANTEED every single week in the UK Millionaire Raffle.

Playing with Big Fat Lottos is safe, secure and fun.You play with 55 entries into each draw guaranteed.You receive 55 entries in to each Millionaire raffle.Every possible combination of the two Lucky Stars is covered.Win a prize for matching 1 main number.If your Syndicate Entry matches 3 main numbers, ALL 55 entries will win a cash prize!You receive 1/130th of total WINNINGS GUARANTEED.After the draw your Syndicate Entry is electronically checked against the official results.100% of YOUR winnings are deposited into your player account straight away - No deductions are made.Big Fat Lottos is Licensed and Regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission with the highest standards of player protection.

Your Syndicate Entry has 55 lines in both EuroMillions draws (Tuesday and Friday) per week. Each line shares 5 common numbers plus one unique combination of the 2 lucky star numbers across the 55 lines.

For just £3.75 per draw your Syndicate Entry plays:

55 EuroMillions entries on a Tuesday55 Millionaire Raffle entries on a Tuesday55 EuroMillions entries on a Friday55 Millionaire Raffle entries on a Friday
For example, let’s suppose the 5 numbers common to your Syndicate Entry are: 9, 12, 29, 32, 50

If we combine those five main numbers with every combination of the Lucky Star numbers (1-11), your Syndicate Entry is GUARANTEED to match BOTH Lucky Star numbers on one of your lines.

Remember, your Syndicate Entry only needs to match ONE main number to win a cash prize!

Big Fat Lottos takes all the hassle away.We operate your Syndicate Entry and make sure 55 entries are
ALWAYS entered for every draw.No deductions are made from your winnings!
You get your own Big Fat Lottos online Member Account, where you can look at:

Your winnings
Your draw results
Your member profile
Your payments
Your syndicate entry numbers

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four Fascinating Details You Should Know About Uk Lotto

Big Fat Lottos notes that: Even though UK lotto is one of the most talked about lotteries in the continent, there are numerous things about it that most people do not know. You will be astounded to know that you can win jackpot amounts worth £2 million - £3 million pounds, not once but twice a week. This can be quite a lot of cash and most of you will really feel inclined to buy a couple of tickets and test your luck in this. After all, you may finish up winning a huge amount. But because you would adore to invest your money in these tickets, you should also know a few interesting facts about the lottery.

1. There Are Unclaimed Prizes – Even though this is highly surprising, but there are quite a couple of people who have failed to claim their winning prizes. Contrary to most of the individuals who wait eagerly on the day the outcomes are announced to know their fate in the lottery, there are others too who do not have any expectations from the UK lotto and fail to check the results. Sometimes, the winner may have also lost his ticket or had it stolen. Generally, you can claim your prize money inside a prescribed time, failing which you will shed it forever. Statistics show that there are many unclaimed prizes remaining.

2. Cash Given to Charities – The UK lotto has been engaged in a extremely noble company of supplying funds to numerous charitable organizations. The primary objective is of course to give back the money to the individuals who have paid to purchase the tickets. Numerous individuals have turn out to be richer in the procedure. With at least two jackpot winners each week, it has created numerous millionaires more than the times. There are also numerous people who win smaller amounts. You will be pleased to know that more than £16.6 billion pounds have been paid so far in prize cash.

3. Huge Jackpots – The concentrate of each lottery is generally on the jackpot and there has been a lot of money given away through these jackpots each week in the UK lotto. Since winning the jackpot can literally change your life, people are extremely eager to know about the amounts offered in the jackpots. £28 million pounds was won by a single player in 1 instance and in an additional £42 million pounds was the provide which was shared by three players. That is a massive quantity by any requirements and you could really feel really fulfilled if you get an amount close to that.

four. Continued Success – This lottery continues to be a massive achievement in the nation. Research show that almost all the individuals, who have won the jackpot once, continue to play the games again and once more to see if they can win once more. This is a sign of the recognition of UK lotto and that many people of the country want to attempt out their luck in these games.

These facts point to the reality that people are enjoying playing the lottery and are interested to maintain on playing and winning. All of them are waiting for the day when Lady Luck smiles on them and they turn out to be the jackpot winner.

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Big Fat Lottos… Why should you gamble online?

Big Fat Lottos

Since the economic crisis which hit the global economy and 2008, a number of people have found themselves out of work, made redundant because of the lack of restraint in the financial sector. these individuals had nothing to do with the financial crisis themselves, but were merely the victims of people at the very top were playing around with their hard-earned money that they had saved in the bank.
Many of the same individuals, once government aid ran out, and their savings accounts were almost dry, continued to look for employment anywhere they could with little success. Fortunately in the last year the economy has been turning around. But there is still a fear on the horizon that this sort of thing may happen once again. so what is one to do in such a situation, get a new job? Work longer hours? Work until you are 80 years old? So your family home into a caravan somewhere surviving on beans and toast?
Play major lotteries online
We all desire financial freedom, we work hard, we learned a trade, or went to school for years, and now we end up spending more time at our jobs and we do with our family or friends. And then when we grow old and are no longer of great use to our companies, we retire and spend the rest of our years trying to do something meaningful. Sounds a bit depressing, doesn't it?
Perhaps that scenario would be fine if when we retire we had a bank account full of cash. But for many who continue to struggle, or who have struggled in the past, playing the lottery online has been seen as one way to shift the winds of fortune. As you know the odds of winning the lottery, as with many things in life, are very steep and more people lose than win, which is why the ammounts of money to be won are so enormous.

However, who among us is not the least bit jealous when we read about somebody who is just struck it rich and won £2,000,000? We imagine quitting our job, taking a nice long holiday somewhere warm, perhaps buying a sailboat or a new home, or paying off all our debts, eating at that nice restaurant we had always wished we could afford!
big fat lottos review
Big Fat Lottos is a highly regulated online gambling portal located in the Isle of Man. For years it has been at the forefront of the online lottery industry and is known as a responsible and well liked gambling portal. With ethical and fair treatment of all its customers, and one of the biggest and best organizations of its kind in the industry, paying out massive sums of money to those who, dissatisfied with their current lot in life, dream big and take a chance at living the life they always dreamed. For more about Big Fat Lottos, see our website or our Facebook fanpage and test your luck to see if fate has something much more grand in store for you this week.