Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Big Fat Lottos: 3 reasons why you should play today!

3 reasons to play the lottery with Big Fat Lottos

Whilst the unmistakable reason to play the lottery would be to get potentially several millions of dollars for simply a little bit of cash ventured, the truth of the matter is that you can find any number of different reasons you may expect to play the lottery – three of which we are going to include below.

It is extremely important to understand that playing the lottery is a novel and personalized option for all and every one of us – however here are some of what we found to be the most common factors given.
  • The capability to completely repair a community
Although reaching more than a small financial windfall for hundreds and hundreds of huge amounts of money can transform your life personally, it can also tremendously impact the local community if you feel so inclined. The capability to re-invest the money that you’ve just gained into your home town or neighborhood can be one of the most rewarding elements of winning the lottery – especially if you establish different public spaces, public areas, and other activities for future generations.

  • The ability to set up financially all of your mates and spouse and children
Though you may feel just a little bit influenced to keep all of the money to yourself (and for your
immediate loved ones), the truth of the matter is that with just a bit of judicial financial investment advice you could easily set up all of your friends and family economically for the rest of your life – as well as the rest of theirs. There’s a lot to be said about taking care of your friends and family members, and is absolutely nothing quite as rewarding as dispersing around the wealth, so to speak.

  • The capability to disappear completely if you so desire
Even so, a lot of people will take the exact opposite tactic and tactic, instead opting to take the money and run – literally disappearing completely in the event that they so wish. Whilst they say that money cannot buy happiness, it’s true that it can buy almost anything else – including complete and total anonymity if you want to be that sort of life. You could possibly never ever again get the chance to lead a brand-new life anywhere on the face of the planet, and going “invisible” for some time can be rewarding personally. Although you may decide to enter society once again, your time spent away from it all will lower the amount of people who want to reach right into your newly deep pockets – providing you with the necessary space you desire.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Big Fat Lotto: How to spend lottery winnings

Big fat lottos: how to spend lottery winnings

There are some studies that show nearly 90% of those who hit major lottery jackpots – we’re talking
about hundreds of millions of dollars here – end up losing all of the money (yes, ALL of the money) in
five years or less. These same people almost always end up in worse financial situations than they were before they won the lottery, and almost incomprehensible fact that rocks people to their very core.

If you are lucky enough to pull out a golden ticket, the last thing that you’re going to want to do is frivolously spend each and every penny of it along the way. No, winning the lottery has a very real potential to completely change your life – and even the life of future generations of your family – so long as you spend your lottery winnings wisely.

Now, we’re certainly not going to tell you how to spend your own money – but here are a few helpful hints from BigFatLottos if you are in the mood for some advice.

Big Fat Lottos recommendation #1:   

Set a “mad money” budget – say a few hundred thousand dollars – and then blow it all on celebratory gifts!

Look, to say that you should sock away each and every one of your pennies at the moment that you hit
it big on a lottery would be the most foolish thing in the history of the world. Hitting a windfall profit like this is going to transform your life overnight, and you should – yes, SHOULD – go out and celebrate this tremendous gift.

That being said, you do not want to break the bank when celebrating, which is why you should set a very specific amount of money aside – but still a tremendous amount of money – and then blow it all on whatever it is you want. Having this chunk of discretionary money set aside already will help you to save or invest the rest, and you won’t feel bad about blowing it in the process.

Big Fat Lottos recommendation #2

Do not – DO NOT – save your money, but instead invest it

One of the biggest mistakes you could make with your lottery winnings would be to suck them away in a savings account somewhere. With the way that inflation rates are that money will be worth less and less each and every single year from here on out, just fading away and crippling your buying power in the process.

No, talk with a number of financial experts and find out how you can invest that money – and make it
create more wealth for you and you ever before imagined.

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