Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Big Fat Lottos: What is the EuroMillions Lottery?

 Many people who are new to playing the lottery I'm not quite sure what the differences between the different kinds of lotteries. So today we are going to talk about EuroMillions, which is one of the most popular games at BigFatLottos.

EuroMillions was first started in 2004 in Paris, France; Spain, Austria, UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland, and Belgium were the original participants. Twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday, there is a drawing. The cost of tickets is about 2GBP for each line a player wants to play. As long as a person is 16 years or older, and lives in one of the countries that participates, you are eligible to win.

Why is EuroMillions so popular on

One of the fantastic things about this lotto, and something that Big Fat Lottos fans enjoy, is that all jackpots paid in one lump sum and are tax exempt!

Every player has an excellent chance at winning something. In fact it is calculated that the odds of winning a prize is about 1:13, if for some reason nobody wins the jackpot, is carried over into the next week so that the prize becomes even larger.

Big Fat Lotto reviews all aspects of the game, and insurers that proper safeguards are in place so that there is complete transparency and accuracy both in placing a bet and collecting the winnings.

The largest win of EuroMillions, in terms of prize money, was by two anonymous tickets worth a total of £159,559,034; in terms of a single ticket jackpot, the largest win was by a husband and wife team from Suffolk, Mr. and Mrs. Bayford, who, on Aug 10, 2012, won £148,656,000! Source
Big Fat Lottos asks people to gamble responsibly, yet also welcomes any eligible participant to give a shot at EuroMillions a go on our website, and to read more about our reviews here.