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The history of lotteries: by Big Fat Lottos

As many people know a lotto, like Big Fat Lottos, is a game of chance that requires a number of ingredients to work properly: lottery syndicates, official supervisory boards, legal oversight, a website or buyers portal, and the player themselves. What a lot of people do not know is there is a history of Lottos is quite fascinating, which we, at BigFatLottos want to share with you today. So without further ado, here are some quick facts:
  • The Chinese played a form of lottery sometime between 200 – 187 years before Christ; it is not entirely certain what the purpose was, but some experts believe such lotteries helped to support governments expenditures and building projects like the Great Wall.
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    The Romans were the first Europeans to have a lottery, which was typically carried out a private parties where guests would receive a piece of paper, and the winner would receive prizes, which were usually given out by wealthy individuals from their own possession.
  • Throughout Europe, especially in the Netherlands, lotteries continue to be a source of revenue for the government to fund projects and the general upkeep of the nation. However there also philanthropic facets to the lottery, where the money was used partially as taxation which could then be in part distributed to the less fortunate.
  • In America, lotteries were used to raise support for military supplies, such as cannons, soldiers, and food for the colonial army.
  • In the UK and the Isle of Man, lotteries are regulated and overseeing by official agencies such as the national lottery commission, and can be played via websites like What most people do not know is that over 10% of revenue received in online and off-line lottos goes to the government, and only 5% or less goes to the retailer, which they use to support their operations and pay their staff.

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