Saturday, November 2, 2013

Secret way to increase your chances of winning Big Fat Lottos

Every week for 4 weeks (twice a week total 8 draws), record all the numbers drawn, then create a chart and write down the results on the chart to see the number of times each number is drawn. As you will realize after this period, a pattern will begin to emerge of the most frequent numbers drawn. (If you wish you can simply study your last 4 weeks numbers drawn, by checking your state's lottery web site)

After 7-10 draws, pick the numbers drawn at least 3 times on your chart during this period. For example, say that 21, 3, and 11 each were drawn several times...Next, imagine that 13 was drawn four times or more--that makes it even better. So we get four numbers here. And we need three more numbers to build 7 popular numbers.

Now we can finally go back to our chart again and this time we select numbers that were drawn at least
twice. In your chart you might have 15 of them, but from these numbers we choose only three of them--doesn't really matter which ones because it won't affect your long term profitability of this system statistically.

Here we select 2, 3, 42

Now we have seven hot numbers.

Next we need seven cold numbers, which are the ones least drawn over the past four weeks. If the lottery is random as they claim it is, these cold numbers have a far better than average chance of being drawn now.

Create another chart and write down the numbers 1 to 14. Next to each number, randomly write one of the 14 selected numbers. Use this chart to create 10 to 15 combinations of number sequences. This gives you at least 15 lottery plays from one combination of numbers. Depending on your finances, you can double the number of plays by creating additional plays from the same list.

After 4 weeks playing different combinations off this chart, create a new chart in the same way. Trust me, this is the only logical way to get you the big money you want. You will have to stick to it, and play as much as possible. Renew the chart every 4 weeks. You will get some serious 3s, 4s and even 5s, then finally BINGO. You have to be patient. Do not be discouraged if none of your selected numbers come up--stick to the strategy and soon you will be making plenty. Don't give up, because chances are good you might win, and you will regret it if you give up before you do.

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  1. Good theory...but strengthen it a little bit by choosing 10 numbers and then combine those numbers into at least nine plays. Then stick with those numbers. Odds are you'll match more numbers and more often.